Herz HD Stiftung


All donations are applied 100% towards the projects. The foundation only employs volunteers and there are no marketing or other business expenses. It is possible to help even with small contributions. There are hundreds of donors who pay on a monthly basis with contributions ranging from € 20-€ 150. Others contribute annually or at special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. In addition the foundation generated funds  by three Shona  sculpture auctions, school fundraisers, a bike race and several benefit concerts. 

Recently, a restaurant owner organised a goose menu for 40 people at €25/person and donated all proceeds.

Bank account:

Volksbank Kurpfalz eG, Heidelberg 

IBAN DE78 6709 2300 0033 2238 20


Herz HD Stiftung gGmbH
Burgstraße 52 
D-69121 Heidelberg

Tel: +49 6221 - 6 51 07 99
Fax: +49 6221 - 40 09 41


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Every EURO helps 1: 1 !
Single donations or monthly payments from € 20 up help to pay for education, a daily meal and gives a future to a child.

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