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J.F. Kapnek Trust

Kapnek distributes since 2004 the funds of the foundation for school projects. Thousands of orphans as well as 190 disabled children in more than 100 schools have been supported. Since 2006 the total number year after year exceeded 3000. The organisation is headed by Dr. Greg Powell former clinic director of the university of Harare. The Herz couple know him personaly through their son since 2000. 

Today the pediatric AIDS-fund of the J.F. Kapnek trust focuses specifically on projects leading to the reduction of maternal-neonatal HIV transmission, as well as the creation of local preschool and daycare projects. Since the present activities of Kapnek are already in the same geographic region as the schools supported by Herz HD, a closer collaboration of the two foundations seemed mutually beneficial. Kapnek has now been charged by  the foundation to locally select students eligible for school-fee support.


Doris and Hans Herz with Dr. Daniel Robbins (center), Chairman of Kapnek Trust
Doris and Hans Herz with Dr. Daniel Robbins
Children statistic 2000-2009
Children statistic 2000-2009
Disabled children in Harare
Disabled children in Harare
Classroom in Zvimba with Doris Herz
Classroom in Zvimba with Doris Herz


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