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November 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Herz

Our last trip to Zimbabwe in March 2015 was very successful! We are happy to report that there are real dynamic, powerful positive energies at work trans-forming the future of this beautiful country. There are some German lawyers from Heidelberg playing a role in this transformation as they assist in rewriting laws to make sure they are aligned with the new constitution.

Despite the sanctions, which were imposed in 2000, following the repossession of farmland from white settlers, the EU, U.S., Canada and Australia are silently beginning to plan new aid initiatives.

In addition to concrete humanitarian aid, western economic delegations have visited Zimbabwe these past months to investigate future investment possibilities. Zimbabwe’s minister of finance also recently visited Europe to propose a resolution for old debt in order to open new avenues for future financing. This is clear evidence that a country with access to lots of natural resources and an educated population has great future potential! Politically the country is still in standstill waiting for president Robert Mugabe, 91, to finally retire.

Dr. Powell and Ms. Zvavamwe CEO hospital, German ambassador Klöckner and Mr. and Mrs. Herz
View of the newly built playground complete with sandbox, climbing structures and swings

During our visit to Harare, Zimbabwe, we witnessed a ribbon cutting ceremony at the only children’s hospital in Harare with the German ambassador Ulrich Klöckner.

This hospital, amongst other services, administers treatment and medication for up to 100 H.I.V. infected children per day. This can take upwards of 4 hours per child. During their stay here the playground is a great source of joy! Mr. Leonard Thomas and Mrs. Beate Thomas from Handschuhsheim, Germany donated $10,000 to build the playground. The playground was a great community project and is consistently maintained by the staff. The only dilemma the hospital now faces is that the children do not want to leave after their treatment.

Early Child Development Center for 50-60 preschoolers
Newly renovated classroom

The second project which we witnessed was the opening of the Early Child Development Center consisting of two classrooms for preschool children ages 3-6. This project was financed by donations from students, teachers, parents and friends of two schools in Germany, the Fröbel Grundschule in Wieblingen and the Eichendorff Grundschule in Rohrbach.

Another renovation of a classroom was initiated during our visit. Good friends of ours had decided to honor the memory of their wife and mother with donations in lieu of flowers amounting to 7,000 EU. These donations were sufficient to build another classroom with furnishings. Up until then the one room preschool accommodation meant for about 40 children had to suffice for 160. 

Mothers cooking porridge
Happy children at lunchtime at schoolHappy children at lunchtime at school

Our main mission in Zimbabwe is providing school meals for the preschoolers (ages 3-6). Visiting a few of these schools we once again witnessed the success of this program. We are currently able to sponsor about 10,000 children at 136 Schulen with a daily meal of porridge. In order to accomplish this we need to buy almost 40 tons of corn and soya flour and transport this to the individual schools with small pick up trucks. There are no labor costs associated with the preparation of the porridge since the mothers of the children volunteer to do this. In addition to the daily meal we also provide health check ups and vaccinations three times a year. For a small fee, certified nurses from local hospitals are employed to accomplish this task. 

March 2015

Introducing the new director of Kapnek Trust, Karl N. Riber

On February 1st, 2015, Karl Riber replaced Dr. Greg Powell as the new regional director of Kapnek Trust in Harare. Dr. Powell continues to be an active member of the Kapnek Trust board. Dr. Powell has asked to be replaced as he feels the need to retire from his active role in the operations ofthe organization. Karl Riber is 42 years old and has resided in Zimbabwe for the last 10 years. Riber brings a wealth of experience into the organization. He has spent the last 5 years working for the French organization, Action Contre la Faim (ACF). For the past three years he has been the country director for ACF, a charitable organization that operates in 47 countries, 21 of them in Africa. The mission of ACF is simply to provide food, clean water and health education to impoverished children in danger of starvation. During our last visit to Harare in March of 2015 we had the pleasure of meeting Karl Riber. We are convinced that he not only has the practical competence to take over the regional leadership of Kapnek but he has also been completely endorsed by the local employees of Kapnek.


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