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October 2018

Some housekeeping

On October 1st Jochen Steyer joined the founders, Doris and Hans Herz, as co-director. The plan is for him to assist with business operations in the short term, as he prepares to take over as director of the foundation in the future. His wife, Jutta Steyer, is excited to join him in his work for the foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Steyer have resided in Heidelberg for the past 20 years and together have two grown sons. Mrs. Steyer is originally from Freiburg, Mr. Steyer comes from Heidelberg. They are both musicians. Mrs. Steyer is a pianist. Mr. Steyer studied violin in Mannheim and has led the „Kammerphilharmonie Mannheim“ since 1998 with approximately twenty-five productions per year. His talent and experience managing many different types of people, will benefit him with his work for the foundation.

November 2018

Renovations of Teachers Apartements

In rural areas the faculty resides on school property due to the decentralized location of the school. Often the quality of accommodations, decide the quality of the teachers. During our last visit of the Gavhunga School, where the Eichendorff Schule in Heidelberg contributed the renovation of the preschool, we were shown the poor condition of faculty housing. We spontaneously decided to help. In the following photos you can see the results.

Successful continuation of School Meals and Health Checks

The number of students varied. During the first term from January to April 18,636 children in 202 schools received meals at school. In order to achieve this we needed 46.4 tons of corn/soya flour (CSB). In the second term, another private sponsor assisted in this district, so that our number fell to 12,437 children. In the last trimester, between September to December, we expect an increase of children again.

Regarding the health checks, the tests that were carried out during the second term, showed a clean bill of health for 85% of the children. The following graph shows the main weaknesses. In addition to checking for health issues, children are also examined for height, weight, body type, signs of malnutrition, mental condition, wounds, rashes etc.

Renovations of a Classroom due to the Generous Donations of the Eichendorff Grundschule

The photo on the left depicts the necessity of the renovation (or rather the completion) of the classroom. Sometimes through the initiative of parents, schools are able to build a shell. Remarkably, even the bricks are homemade. The subtleties of the building, however, are often missing such as the flooring, windows, doors, furniture, blackboards etc.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the children, parents and faculty of the Eichendorff Grundschule for their help in realizing this project.

Construction of another Playground with Donations from the Fröbel Grundschule

Again we would like to express a heartfelt “thank you” to all the helping hands that brought together donations to make this playground a reality. We have previously written about the importance, special meaning and purpose of playgrounds located at schools in Zimbabwe. The happy children’s faces on the photos express more than we could with words.

December 2017

School Meals over the past 5 years

Since 2012 we have been providing a warm porridge school lunch for many thousands of pre-K – first grade students. The Corn/Soya flour is bought in 25 kg bulk packages and distributed to hundreds of schools in the countryside surrounding Harare.

There mothers volunteer to cook it over open fire pits. The wood and water required to prepare the meal is often transported over great distances. The fact that mothers as well as sometimes fathers volunteer their services allows us to keep costs low. It allowed us to feed 20,282 children in 202 schools in 2017.

It was, however, a bit of a logistical challenge to move over 32 tons of flour (1280 packages) to the over 200 schools. Due to lacking power and water supply in rural areas, starvation there is higher than for city populations in Zimbabwe. The only source of income there is farming.

As we last reported, the project of feeding the children almost exhausted our financial capabilities. Yet we received another call for help from Harare when a private sponsor stopped their funding of supplying porridge to another district, feeding 7,000 children. We were, however, able to commit our help, since we received an unexpected large donation.

Moms cook porridge
Children receiving porridge
Lunch time happiness
The porridge also tastes good in the classroom

Medical Check-ups

Kapnek, our local partner organization, organizes free check ups for preschoolers three times a year. The registered nurses are “borrowed” from hospitals close to the schools for the day. A driver picks them up and brings them to and from the schools as well as aiding the nurses on site. The nurses receive a $10/day honorarium for their services. A preschooler receives a thorough examination from one of the nurses Body measurements are taken

A preschooler receives a thorough examination from one of the nurses
Body measurements are taken

Fröbelschule HD-Wieblingen finances another playground

The photo portrays how necessary the new playground was. During the school’s yearly festival, the school organized a race, children’s activities and bazaar of homemade jams, soaps, cakes etc. to raise the necessary funds for the new playground. The playground was inaugurated in September. Playgrounds are crucial for schools in Zimbabawe. They allow long wait times for the preschoolers to be bridged as they await older siblings to be done with their school day before beginning the many kilometer long journey home. The little ones finish school at 12 p.m. the older students wrap their day up at 3 p.m..

Termites ate away at the jungle gym
New metal playground


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